a book of stories from the series of novels: The Lodging for the Rose
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Empty People

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A book of science related fictional stories about dark and hidden failures that cause our civilization to become an empty shell.
In a world in which discovery, science and truth are shunned, people tend to become 'emptied' of their humanity by false 'education.' Entire civilizations have already been destroyed that way. The path also lies before us to reverse this trend for the healing of mankind. This path is paved by an unfolding new concept of science itself.
  The stories are a selection from the last volume of the epic series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

The book contains five stories on this subject:
1. Empty People
2. The Hydrology of Poyang Hu
3. A Poster with Dragons
4. For the Sake of Truth
5. Geometry of an Abduction.

The cover image is from a 1893 painting by the American painter James F. Gilman

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