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from novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Stories about Healing
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The Lateral Lattice of Hearts

The Beach Project

Self-Love and Islam

Impotence and Power

Temple of Unrequited Love

Victory without Shame

The Chess Player

Time Zones

Death in Paradise

Disintegration: Highway 911

New - The Shockwave Effect

New - Project Venice

New - Drilling Holes into Sophistry


Stories about Love 
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Erica's Flower Garden

How Does a Gardener Love the Rose

Window to the World

Operation Noah

The House of the Sun

New - Wreck Beach University

New - Glass Sculptures


Stories about Sex
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Helen a Healer

In the Brilliance of a Night

Depopulation, Mozart, Ice Cream,
 and Wine

Gentle Winds

The Sound of a Bird Woke Me

Sky Fire

New - Unity

New - Clothed with the Sun

Stories about War 
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Shoot Children?

The Three Hundred Years War

The Three Thousand Years War

Miracle Images

Sergei's the Oasis

Mission to Hell

New - Shadow in the Night 

New - Lord of Darkness, Lord of the Rings 

New - The Supreme Being 


Stories about Being King for a day 
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The Incompetence of the King

Depopulation: of Women in India, and of Mankind in an Ice Age World

Swimming in Mud

Nuclear Preemption

Trial for Innocence

New - Unto the Top of the World

New - Perfidious Albion

New - Resurrecting Carmen


Books of multiple stories from the novels, 

Queen of the New Law
Shoot Them
Shared Roses
Here Begins a New World
Angels of Sex
Empty People
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