Exploring the Principle of Universal Love

 from novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Erica's Flower Garden

Is it possible for a gardener to embrace but one single flower in a vast garden
 and close the eyes to all the rest of the profusion of life?

How Does a Gardener Love the Rose

Falling in love is a paradox 
in which we discover that the beauty that we cherish
 is a reflection of our own heart and soul.

Window to the World

Our larger world, the universe, is a marvelous place with boundless potentials.
 But what is greater, 
the gigantic universe of infinite space or its most precious gem, the human being?

Operation Noah

Flying at the edge of a poisoned world.

The House of the Sun

Oh what a joy when loved ones are found that were deemed lost forever,
 and what great sadness, when the path to them is blocked!

Wreck Beach University

Earn the un-diploma.
Learn the un-knowledge.
See the un-seen.
Live the un-conventional.
Love the un-hidden.


Glass Sculptures

Glass Sculptures are sculptures of light,
as are the sculptures of our Love



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