Oh, to be King for a day!

from novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The Incompetence of the King

A king story that touches on five vital issues that are often missed by society. 
Those might be more important issues than anyone may realize. 

Depopulation: of Women in India, and of Mankind in an Ice Age World

Some people say, Oh if I where King for but a day! Ah, but those who grab power go mad with it, and in their madness they never stop. This has been the case for 3,500 years already, and mankind is perishing by it.

Swimming in Mud

Power does not produce wisdom, but wisdom produces power.


Nuclear Preemption

Beware oh dreamer! You tighten your noose with every step.
 The plan is in control, not you. Awake!


Trial for Innocence

The focus of every trial should be to establish innocence
 in order that the healing of society can begin.


Unto the Top of the World

The pinnacle is a lonely place.
Who will take the mission and do right?
Who knows what 'right' is?
Who can cross a sea of failures and win?


Perfidious Albion

The tectonics of empires are shifting.
Plates of power overlaying other powers.
Plates of force grinding down civilizations.
Plates of 'omnipotence' begging for society's compliance.


Resurrecting Carmen 

Does Bizet's Carmen foreshadow the fate of humanity?
She dies at the hand of her lover who failed to privatize her love.
Humanity became privatized at Christmas in 1913, and is dying.
The challenge before us is to reverse history, and resurrect Carmen.



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