Stories from the series of novels

The Lodging for the Rose

 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


outline of the stories  (Six volumes with 30 stories altogether)

The series of novels presents an epic fictional story focused on the principle of universal love. Here love unfolds in universal 'white,' the color of the sun, a light that imposes no boundaries, nor shadows, but is challenged to unfold in a world where it is shunned.


e-book cover of novel Queen of the New Law

The magic of the stories unfolds in different dimensions, but it always reflects the principle of universal love, the principle of the Renaissance that civilization is built on and uplifted by.

e-book cover of novel  Shoot Them

Oh, the 'hard' choices that society forces itself to make! With these, it destroys its humanity. Don't we all play this game?

e-book cover of novel  Shared Roses

Stories about love. Our world, when filled with love, is like a gem, too precious to hide; too sparkling not to be shared; too rich to isolate oneself from it.

e-book cover of novel  Here Begins a New World

The book is made up of stories on how to love more, and to love more universally; to embrace ourselves and one another as human beings, in which the spark of our daring to love becomes a fire that envelops all, and the world in which we live.

e-book cover of novel  Angels of Sex

What begins in the brilliance of a night, in terms of universal love, embracing sex honestly, ripens with scientific development to create horizons of a rich and sublime world. It becomes a world of delicate structures that one requires to have wings of angels, so as not to tread upon them.

e-book cover of novel Empty People

Yes, civilization can become an empty shell, as easily as people can become 'emptied' of their humanity by false 'education.' Entire civilizations have already become destroyed that way.

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