a book of exploration
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Metaphors of The Lord of the Rings

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  Table of Contents

- ...and death shall have no dominion
- Metaphor of the Orcs
- On forecasting

Part I: Lords Under One Ring - the nature of power

- Our humanity in metaphor
- The saga behind the saga - the story of the One ring!
- Locked in time without end - the Ringwraith
- The tale begins - Bilbo Baggins of the Shire
- The ghost of Sauron - the ghost of the mother of the pigs
- The great Eye of Sauron - a new line of pigs: Saruman.
- The rise of the Beast-man ideology
- The beast-men of today are still true to the 'mother of the pigs'
- Tolkien's answer is, that the ring must be destroyed at its source.
- Synarchism
- The process of the Gollum - "My Precious!"
- LaRouche as Gandalf

Part II: The Privatization of Consciousness - Weapons for mass-deception

- The Grima Wormtongue process
- The privatization of democracy
- The citadel of fear, Synarchism - synchronized anarchy
- The historic root of the Gollum process

Part III: Synarchist International - sacrificial wars

- A history shaping process versus a principle
- Sharpen your sword!
- The answer is truthfulness - sharpen your truthfulness!

Part IV: Silver Tongues and Hidden Voices - forecasting the present

- A meeting of the minds
- Axis of evil

Part V: The Power of the Sublime - towards freedom

Part VI: Process for Good - towards a new civilization

- Learning the Sublime
- The processes of Galadriel
- A process of scientific dialog: Elrond
- A process named Gandalf the White
- The process for the good and the beautiful: Frodo Baggins
- Tolkien's heaven
- The scope of the future

Part VII: Our Future

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