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a novel
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The novel

Brighter than the Sun

The Modern Political Background for the novel.

At first glance the novel presents a fictional tale of a minimalist Cold War scenario that in today's world appears to be more fictional for to the period in which it was written than it appears now in the modern world where we begin to face asymmetric nuclear-war with threats of immense dimensions, especially since the new age of the uranium bomb has dawned. The uranium bomb has apparently has already been pre-positioned by the millions, if not tens of millions. While this subject is not touched upon in the novel since the dirty uranium bomb didn't exist when the novel was written, there is a certain sense conveyed that the old times are over and new era has begun in which the old appears like but a precious dream.

The old times have indeed already ended. When the guns of war fell silent in the past the avalanche of killing had always stopped. In the New World, however, when the war stops the killing continues unabated. The wars may grind to a halt, but the killing won't. The pollution of the environment with submicroscopic dust of radioactive uranium will likely keep on killing people forever.

Another thing is also different in our brave modern age. The time has ended in which soldiers or planes or missiles had to cross the borders of a foreign county for that country to be destroyed in war. It is now possible to destroy even a huge country like Russia, China, and India, by simply dropping millions of uranium bombs nearby, and let the pollution, carried by the air currents do the rest. Unfortunately, millions of those bombs do already exist. According to an American dossier of August 2003, published by Korea Times on December 23, 2005, a total of three million uranium bombs had been pre-positioned at this time in South Korea and Japan, presumably in preparation for the threatened bombing of North Korea. Considering the still greater fury of the recent American threats against Iran, which is presently surrounded by more than twenty U.S. Air Force bases, it is not unreasonable to assume that by now, in 2006, many more millions of the dirty uranium bombs have been pre-positioned in both of these areas, with a possible combined total in the range between ten and fifteen million DU bombs, if not twenty million.

They call them "depleted uranium" bombs, or DU bombs, but there is nothing depleted about them in regard to the deadly health consequences that vaporized uranium has on people, with particle sizes smaller than the wavelengths of light. These minuscule DU particles become dispersed into the air that people breath. The particles are so small that they behave like a gas and are carried in the winds across vast distances, even across the oceans. Still, they remain radioactive no matter how small they are. Being as exceedingly small as they are, they become inhaled by people, possibly with every breath. They flow through the lungs into the blood, and via the blood into to the smallest cells in the human body where they have been found bound to the DNA stands. But they are radioactive.

Uranium emits alpha radiation in the form of nucleonic clusters that are ejected from the uranium atom like tiny cannon balls. The clusters are causing havoc within the living cells, with a vast variety of consequences, especially cancers and a wide array of the most horrible birth defects imaginable. Over 90 different diseases have been so far attributed to DU-weapons particles, together with rates of increases in cancers believed by some to be to be upwards to 50-fold in highly polluted areas. Countless heart-renting cases have been reported, such as breast cancers in teen-age girls, stomach cancers in young boys, multiple types of cancers developing simultaneously in adults, and cases in which entire families of nine all contracted cancers.  Nor does the exposure appear to be localized. In the far off USA a 6-fold increase in new lung cancers has been reported for Jan/Feb 2006, which some researchers attribute to the delayed effects that one would expect from the DU bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan. A similar increase in worldwide type-2 diabetes has been observed.

The reported horror stories that come from the DU-polluted regions reflect the damage that has been caused by the relatively 'small' amounts of DU munitions and bombs that have so far been used. Estimates based on various reports put the total DU used in weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan, up to 2006, into the range of one to two million kilograms. If one considers that the present pollution is about to be increased, possibly 50-fold or even 100-fold, to judge by the quantities of the DU bombs that are reported as pre-positioned, an extremely frightening situation results. The situation must be especially terrifying for Russia and China that are evidently the real targets in the much threatened bombing of North Korea and Iran. North Korea and Iran are strategically located as DU dumping grounds from where the DU pollution would spread across China and Russia  in vast qualities. In this manner China and Russia, and also India, would become disabled as functioning nations over the span of a few years extending for decades. 

Both Russia and China know that they must act to prevent the planned tragedy that has been prepared for their populations. However, both China and Russia countries lack the conventional military means to defend themselves against the military might of America that would be unlashed for the bombing attacks. Those massive bombing attacks have long been threatened against these countries, and the threats are getting more ominous by the day. A critical situation is now resulting from those threats with the DU bomb standing in the foreground that literally forces Russia and China to respond asymmetrically in an effort to save their very existence. "Critical," is probably too mild a term to describe the now unfolding global strategic situation that both Russia and China find themselves in, together with almost the entire Islamic World. It is unreasonable to assume that the targeted nations will simply lay themselves down to die, and not fight back with all they've got. And that could easily lead to asymmetric nuclear war.

The desperate situations that these targeted nations now face will almost certainly lead to desperate measures carried out by intensely stressed people. With the options for responding to the DU bombing threats becoming fewer, sanity tends to become pushed into the background. The result is a strategic crisis is now looming on the horizon with unpredictable consequences. In this environment of wide-ranging tensions numerous 'minimalist' nuclear scenarios appear to be contemplated in earnest. Those will likely be of the type that had has been explored in the novel here presented here, that was written years ago . The novel was considered unlikely fiction in the timeframe in which it was written, but no more. What seemed like fiction years ago now stand before us as a potential strategic choice by a people pushed against the wall, being forced to respond to save their very existence. The choice might involve desperate actions to eradicate the USA in one single strike without such action necessarily leading to a nuclear counterstrike. The kind of fictional scenarios presented in the novel might indeed be actively considered, both in both Russia and China, as an option for saving their country from America's doom for them that the planned DU bombing would inescapably assure if it were fully carried out. China has recently deployed a new ICBM system, the DF-31 that is specifically designed to target the US West Coast. It delivers a 3-megaton warhead in one of its configuration. Of course, the jet streams would carry the fallout to the East to blanket the big U.S. population centers.

Nevertheless, in the shadow of such strategic hopelessness with sanity fast fading no matter in which direction one looks, mankind remains a people of human beings with an inner strength that can yet restage the world onto a higher platform. When the ruling 'institutions' get peeled away that have kept our love small and confined, new freedoms tend to emerge with dimensions of love that lead to new horizons and reflect an unfolding new self-perception in society portending a new future, even a New World. This inner development becomes evermore the primary focus in the novel as the novel unfolds. And that gives us hope in the modern world. While the dangers are presently exceedingly grave, there remains this one hope nevertheless that we find rooted in our humanity.

The inner development that begins in the novel, Brighter than the Sun, doesn't end with last page of the novel. Instead of ending, it is further extended into my large, twelve-part series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose. The series is focused almost exclusively on the exploration of the vast range of implications of the great renaissance principle, the Principle of Universal Love. In this larger developmental sense, the novel, Brighter than the Sun, can be considered as a kind of preface for the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose.

The purpose of the novel , Brighter than the Sun, which is presented here, is to look at the dangers that we face in a love-deficient world and not to hide the doom that we find there, but to bring to the foreground against the shadow of this doom the often dormant strength of our humanity and our love. These two enable us to step up to higher ground by which the forces of doom fall by the wayside. With those forces fallen away we will face the brighter world that our humanity has made us capable of creating for ourselves and for one-another.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - October 1, 2006


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