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The Lodging for the Rose

a series of novels
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


 - Episode 5A - 

Glass Barriers


As rain falls in a long- parched land,
many windows are flung open;
love flings aside barriers, transparent and fragile,
 of a glass that has no strength against love. 


Edition 10/07

The novel is fiction. It deals with a paradigm shift that begins when discoveries of science pull us up to a higher level of thinking about our world and ourselves, and then pull our social marriages up to that level behind it. Surprising things can happen then. Suddenly the barriers that stood for ages become transparent and breakable. 

Here a story begins that unfolds in India, but it is not rooted in India’s long spiritual history. Rather it is rooted in a 19th Century American discovery of spiritual science that uplifts even India’s ancient truths to a greater profundity. 

‘Breaking’ the glass barriers is actually more a scientific process of seeing through them, by which the barriers become dissolved. They exist in many domains; including the social, civil, moral, as well as the romantic, sexual, and erotic. One even finds that the scientific process of breaking those barriers tends to elevate the political and cultural domains as well, opening a portal to a New World. - 

The novel presented here in preliminary edition is Episode 5A of the epic series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose.



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