For the Joy of Sex

  about my 9-part series of novels
The Lodging For the Rose

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Few things move us more powerfully than our sexuality. Literature would be dull without the complex interaction between the sexes, the desires, the isolation, the domination, and of course the love that binds us.

It is not by accident, therefore, that love and sex are linked, and are linked with joy. Perhaps the reason they are linked with joy has something to do with our ability to enjoy the higher aspects of both sex and love together.

Sure, as sexual beings we have sexual needs. Indeed, if it were not for our build in desire to satisfy these needs, humanity would not exist. But why should we stop there? Sexual interaction has countless dimensions, many of which unfold at higher levels than the physical pleasures and even the emotional ecstasies that we cherish. Some of these dimensions can be so precious that the baser dimensions of sex have no place there. But between here and there lies a large field, a field where we grow up in love, where sex remains a factor, though perhaps with fewer of its baser elements. But what are those? Sex belongs to the field where we enrich one another's existence; where we protect one another; where cherish one another honestly; and where we search for truth and that rare element of our humanity that we call love; where we enrich our world with the beauty and the value we find in each other.

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We enrich one-another without ever denying who we are. We fight for the joy beyond joy. We enlarge our vision as we make room for all the loveliness that defines us as human. We relish the sunshine that we embrace when the confining valleys give way to wider vistas. We wish not to limit ourselves, but embrace the whole world. Isn't that what love really is?

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The primary goal that I am aiming for in my series of novels The Lodging for the Rose (free online) is an exploration of the Principle of Universal Love. We tend to make love too small, too confined, too privatized and encumbered by traditions. However, once we enter the territory of universal love the door also opens to the domain of universal sex. Does that sound scary? It should. But behind the shock unfolds a richer world than the one we left behind.

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Of course it is being said that universal love is not for this world. We like things small. It has been suggested that universal love is for future generations, perhaps, when society has learned to step away from its smallness in thinking. Except, would anyone living today be alive to see those future generations. And why should one wait. What is possible in the future on the basis of a universal principle should be possible today, shouldn't it?

I am not aiming to promote a series of novel, but the principle it represents. The novels are but an auxiliary to illustrate and explore the dimension of the principle. The principle is humanity's right to freedom and happiness, just as we find it expressed in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, over the ages other so-called principles have been superimposed upon the rights of man, which should not be called principles. They should be called restrictive processes, a kind of moral strangulation based on certain delusions most of which are centered on sex. This means that our perceptions regarding sex need to be uplifted to a higher and a wider platform than that which is circumscribed by fables, abuses, and delusions. Maybe there is a need to be 'king for a day.' See, King Stories

I am not proposing that I am an authority of how we must regard ourselves sexually on that higher and wider platform, or even on sex itself, and what steps we must take to get there. I am merely suggesting that we owe it to ourselves to uplift the status of our civilization in which sex is an element of our humanity that we should proudly embrace, rather than throw away behind needless barriers, or give up on it altogether, or regard it as cheap and dirty. I wrote the series of novels with this goal in mind. Of course in our small world that we seem to cherish there will always be war in background, even wars with traditions. See, War stories.

I wrote the 9-novel series, The Lodging for the Rose,  in a manner that can be likened to the first bold and uncertain footsteps of a child into a newfound world - a world that the child is still discovering, in which its life unfolds with a certain sense of awe and wonder. Why not take that next step with me?

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