Not suitable for small children

The novels in the series, The Lodging for the Rose, contain NO sexually explicit scenes or scenes of violence, but they do reference historic tragedies, the ugliness of perverted ideologies, wars, and human failures in periods of failing civilization, cultural insanity, and small-minded thinking. It may be disturbing for children to explore failures in civilization that the adult world has not been able to resolve for thousands of years, but which have become evermore acute in the age of nuclear weapons, terrorism, economic disintegration, and renewal of fascist ideologies.

The necessary exploration in searching for answers also involves the exploration of social challenges that arise from the age-old Principle of Universal Love, which has been foundational to some degree in every bright epoch in history, but which has rarely been considered at the grassroots level of our social interaction as human beings. The Principle of Universal Love presents deep challenges in the arena of sexual division and isolation, and also social division and marital isolation. While the universal principles involved have been touched upon by some of the most advanced thinkers in history, the leading edge principles may be disturbing to children as they challenge some widely cherished and time-honored conventions that even the adult world finds difficult to deal with.

While it is certainly true that ignorance is not bliss, children should be given the sanctuary to remain children and develop gently into adulthood through growth in grace, love, moral integrity, and honesty. Then, as they learn the process of making discoveries and discern with their mind's eye the qualities of our universal humanity, they will be able to face the larger challenges and possibly enrich their life with the freedoms that unfold with leading edge principles. 

While it is certainly possible in today's age, with modern integral calculus, to plot a spacecraft's trajectory to the farthest planet, a first year mathematics student would find the principles incomprehensible and may well be put off mathematics forever, by the complexities involved.

In consideration of all of the above, the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, is not recommended for small children.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche