a research book from the series: Discovering Infinity
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Volume 3c: Spiritual Science

(Volume 3 is a mini series focused on "Structures for Discoveries and Scientific Development")
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This is the seventh book of the research series, Discovering Infinity, and the third book of the series that explores the pedagogical structure that Mary Baker Eddy has provided for scientific and spiritual development. The two prior volumes are focused on the basic structure and the rudimental elements of it. This leaves the final book of the mini series to focus on all the advanced elements. These are profound, and so hugely extensive that they can never be truly exhausted. As such, they are destined to revolutionize our perception of Christianity and its highest manifestation, Christian Science. While many of the details in Mary Baker Eddy's scientific development structure are Christianity oriented, the structural details of her work are ultimately of universal importance. This reflects the fact that Christianity itself, is a transitional concept towards the development of a new image of humanity as a profoundly spiritual and scientific species. Ultimately perhaps, Christianity may be described as Christ Scientists as a universal identifier that lifts humanity above the quagmire of doctrinal religion.
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