a research book from the series:

Discovering Infinity
by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Volume 2a: 

Science and Spiritual Healing

Does healing the soul equate to healing the body?
Is there a God, Christ, and divine Spirit,
Is there a divine Principle of scientific mental healing?
What healed mankind in distant ages?
Was the medicine Mind?

Research by Rolf Witzsche. 

During mankind's 2.5-million-year history our age of modern medicine covered but a brief period, comparable to a blink of an eye. This poses the question,, how did mankind heal itself during all those prior ages, before the age of medicine? Did mankind live without help or hope? Hardly! 

Evidence suggests that spiritual healing has had a long history and may have in fact shaped mankind into what we are today. Spiritual healing also appears to have been progressive itself, unfolding with a scientific dimension that is naturally open to infinity. 

Modern medicine itself has had a crude beginning and undergone a long string of progressive development. It stands to reason that both developments, medicine and Spirit, will ultimately merge so that in the end medicine will be Spirit and spiritual. 

The book presented here is Volume 2 of the research series, Discovering Infinity. The series was created over 15 years beginning in the late-1980s based on the work of Mary Baker Eddy and Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr..

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