a research book from the series: 

Discovering Infinity
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Volume 3d


Living in the Sublime

2008 - 2nd Edition


The book is comprehensive research work on the science of spiritual power, both to defeat fascism and the smallness in thinking that enables it. No task is greater, no endeavor more exciting, and no victory more rewarding. To fail is unthinkable.

The research begins with a look into the fascist world of the Nazi empire based on the author's personal experience while living there. But its focus is Love, with a link to nuclear physics and prehistoric times unfolding into an exploration of sex and its higher dimension, our third sex and a link leading to it in Judy Chicago's famous sex-focused art installation "The Dinner Party" that stood as a healing spiritual project among beginning stages of some of the worst fascist projects in modern history.

From there the research project takes the subject of sex into the spiritual realm as platform for freedom and sequences on from there to provide an overview of what might be the world's most extensive scientific pedagogical structure designed and outlined in the late 1800s by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer of the divine Principle of scientific metaphysical healing. The research ends with a comprehensive look at Mary Baker Eddy platform for natural government and self-government on a scientifically spiritual basis, that nothing in operation today comes even close to.

The book is presented as Volume 3D of the series of research books, ^Discovering Infinity.^ It focuses extensively on discoveries that came to light gradually over the last 25 years. 

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