Glass Barriers

Preliminary Edition 01/07

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Episode 5A of the series The Lodging for the Rose

Chapter Index

Chapter 1 - Embracing Untouchable Indira

Chapter 2 - Infinite Marriage in a Narrow-minded Land

Chapter 3 - Defining the Face of Truth

Chapter 4 - The Paradox of India

Chapter 5 - The Light of India

Chapter 6 - The Erotic Temples of Khajuraho

Chapter 7 - Dimensions of Dancing

Chapter 8 - The Taj Mahal

Chapter 9 - Praying in the Wrong Direction

Chapter 10 - The Banquet Table

Chapter 11 - In the Flow of the Dance

Chapter 12 - Beyond the Light of India

Chapter 13 - A Course on Hamlet

Chapter 14 - Celebration of the Universal Kiss

Chapter 15 - Return to Khajuraho

Appendix - Universal Love versus Sexual and Political Isolation

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