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Appendix - Universal Love versus Sexual and Political Isolation

Appendix - Universal Love versus Sexual and Political Isolation

By Rolf A. F. Witzsche, with references to The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

Our modern would is increasingly torn apart by countless issues that go so deep that one can hardly see any light on the horizon. We are isolated by politics, military might, economic power, social status, ethnic background, nationality identity, and at the individual level by wealth, fame, religion, ideology, profession, association, culture, and a whole lot more, especially by our sex by which the whole of mankind is split into two isolated camps. Our sexual isolation and division has roots that go deep, and we find that these roots are being nourished right where we live on our home ground.

While political policies greatly effect the way we live as a society, we are more deeply effected by the way we regard one-another socially, especially when sex becomes the center of it. Rather than addressing its far-flung isolation by going down to the roots of it society has devised policies for contact that merely regulate life in this complex world of our near universal isolation that in many ways led to the deepest and most-violent divisions. Instead of bridging our division and dissolving the isolation we find ourselves on the fast track going in the opposite direction. We have already reached the point that our civilization is in danger of collapsing, and our society with it. We are rushing into a New Dark Age that some have already threatened to turn into "Hundred Years War" laced with unprecedented terror, poverty, and diseases that are already unfolding.

I'm not overstating the case. I wish I were. Many years ago I learned a poem back in my school days of a dialog of "the four winds" discussing among them where they should meet next for their 'joyous' dance. They decided at length to meet at the center span of a great bridge across a canyon, and to meet there at the midnight hour when the last train is crossing. Oh, what a wild dance it would be, a whirl-dance filled with fire and shrieking voices and sounds of breaking steel. And so it was, as the four winds were coming together for their dance from all four directions at once. The poet evidently was thinking of a bridge that was sturdy enough to withstand the strongest storm under the worst condition, but not four of them coming together at once. Unfortunately that is the kind situation that we find ourselves in globally, today, in which our civilization is threatened. The four winds are eerily real.

One of the four winds that is threatening civilization today is the already onrushing global financial and economic collapse. Many great and shiny bubbles of 'hot air' that are celebrated for their 'beauty' are stretched to the breaking point. They are ready to pop just a like soap bubble always pops and disintegrates into a spray of fine mist that blows away with the wind, which no one can put back together again.

Another one of the four winds is the growing threat of nuclear war. We had 65,000 nukes deployed globally in the mid-1980s of which only 20,000 remain deployed with probably an equal stock-pile kept in reserve. However, the deterrent that kept them at bay is wearing thin. The nukes are on the table now, ready to be used. In the mid-1980s we said to ourselves that nobody would be that crazy to actually throw them around. We trusted our existence to the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction. Now we have many people in power that qualify for the description to be "that crazy." Our mutual destruction is thereby assured.

The third onrushing wind is fascism. Society fought World War II to defeat fascism. But that war was never really won, was it? Fascism remained.  World War II had been a contest between killing machines. The contest ended when one killing machine had exhausted the resources for the other. But the fascism that stood behind the killing machines was never defeated. It spread into the Americas. It infested the USA. It swept across Europe into Russia, into Asia, even China. Fascism has become a monster of terror, torture, inhumanity, genocide, financed covertly from high places and from within many hidden empires that need to sow division and destruction to protect the precarious foundation for their existence. The USA appears to be presently set up to be destroyed by its own hands from within, and to vanish from the map of the future as a sovereign nation state, just as the very idea of the sovereign nation state is set up to be eradicated globally.

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