Glass Barriers
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Rolf A. F. Witzsche
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Chapter 14 - Celebration of the Universal Kiss

Chapter 14 - Celebration of the Universal Kiss

      Some rather exciting times came out of this Hamlet project for all of us. None of us had any idea what was involved in actually implementing unconditionally the Principle of Universal Love, the Principle of Universal Marriage, and the Principle of Universal Sovereignty, and all of them simultaneously.

      We went back to the Taj Mahal together and retraced the earlier steps that Indira and I had taken in our exploration of ourselves. We did this in order to share our discoveries with the others, and to discover how to go one from there by which this greater challenge can be met that we were now facing.

      The dynamic functioning of this larger unit didn't unfold without trials, of course, but at no point was it marred by a sense of competition. Instead, our union reflected the beauty of individual ingenuity, generosity, and commitment to love, to sharing, to uplifting. We challenged each other to explore new expressions of love, and not only in ourselves, but also in the world around us.

      As this union unfolded, it reflected more and more in the mental domain the incredible aesthetic beauty and care that we found evident everywhere in the construction of the Taj Mahal, of which it has been said that it was built with the strength of a giant and the hands of jeweler. It appears that we had become involved in the same kind of building.

      We realized that the Taj Mahal is evidently the combined achievement of the effort and dedication of a whole lot of people from many parts of the world. We chose this achievement as our model for enriching one-another.

      So it was, that during the three weeks that I had been privileged to be in India, a development had taken place that bordered on the miraculous. We had not only put into practice the most profound principles of human civilization, and this at the grassroots social level where this has never been accomplished before, but we had in these three weeks drawn together three entire families into a single unit as a step for implementing these principles unconditionally. Also, we soon began to realize that we were actually succeeded in this endeavor beyond our most daring expectations. Indeed, if one steps above Hamlet's environment, the basis for conflicts diminishes. By the time my stay in India came to a close, we had succeeded to such a degree that our experiences with this principle was beginning to serve as a model for uplifting other people that we came into contact with. We found a hope in this that our pioneering work could some day serve as a model for uplifting the world. This, indeed, was the ultimate goal that we had set ourselves when we recognized the greater potential of our commitment.

      "What, have we all been dreaming before?" That's whay I asked myself at one point near the end of my stay in India. Actually, I asked myself that question many times near the end of this time. So much had been accomplished in so short a period. Perhaps I have been dreaming. To judge by the uplifting effect that we already felt in our life, which I hadn't felt for a long time, I knew that something big had been started. I was satisfied with this to the point that I felt no reluctance to begin the necessary preparations for my return home. Since our humanity was now see to rest on a higher idea, an idea that is rooted beyond the physical domain, I felt that we would never be separated again by any form of distance. There would only be a slight change of circumstances.

      Before I left the scene, we shared each other's apartments whenever it seemed appropriate. When we were together, there was always laughter, music, and challenging conversation, and doing the chores went three times as fast in some cases. It even became fun working at the chores together.

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