Glass Barriers
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Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Episode 5a of the series The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - A Course on Hamlet

Chapter 13 - A Course on Hamlet

      We didn't talk anymore about the issue of the wider marriage for a couple of days. We simply let the idea unfold in the background. It was Indira who brought the subject up again one evening.

      "I think the time really has come to erase the false boundaries that limit our sense of family, Peter." She said this while we had an evening cup of tea on the balcony after a long and busy day. "Don't you agree that there is a need to move forward?" she added cautiously.

      "But can this be done here in India?" I asked. "This a country where the subjection and isolation of people, especially of women, goes very deep. Who in India understands those universal principles that all the deeply anchored emotions and traditions deny?"

      Indira pointed a finger at herself. "If I can understand them, others can," she replied. "Of course, locating those few who are ready to move with us, that's another problem."

      I shook my head. "That's not a big problem. I know how to solve this problem," I said and followed my answer up with a kiss. The thought that came to mind made the atmosphere of the evening exciting as we stood at the railing of our balcony looking out onto the city in the unfolding dusk of a cloudy sky.

     "So tell me then how this kind of problem can be solved," she said.

     "I left the railing and sat down and invited her to join me at our small balcony table. "My friend Steve knew a man who came up with a perfect solution for such a situation as ours. He wanted to build a political organization that was designed to uplift the platform of society's thinking, based on higher principles. To do this he set up a four-week university course that was advertised as a course for exploring advanced historic principles. The course was organized to quickly become intensively demanding, a high-level course on universal history. It wasn't the man's purpose to painstakingly drag a large percentage of the students that had registered for the course, to higher levels of perception. It was his purpose to open the door for those who weren't afraid to 'walk with him 500 miles,' and to make the effort to 'climb the mountain that he had set up as a challenge for them.' The challenge that he posed filtered out the people who weren't committed to face leading edge challenges.

      "After the first week, Indira, half of the students had dropped out, after the second week, half of the remaining had dropped out. When the course ended, the man had not only identified those few who are willing to think and develop their capacities, but found in them a group of people who were also willing to identify themselves as human beings and take the responsibility for advancing civilization and raising the welfare of humanity to higher levels. Most of those few that remained with him to the end of the course became the founding members of his political organization. The organization was required to carry out some much-needed work. These few people worked together with him for decades. They developed themselves and each other, and so carried on their chosen service to humanity. The man who started all of this understood that the quality of thinking that he had been looking for is actually native to all human beings and only needed to be individually recognized."

      I suggested to Indira that we could use the man's model and organize a week-long workshop to explore Shakespeare's tragic play, Hamlet, for instance, and also Schiller's Don Carlos.

      "Hamlet and Schiller in India?" Indira repeated, then laughed. "That will narrow down the field a lot."

      "It will narrow down the field to people who are open to the issues of truth and our common humanity," I replied. "Those who prevail to the end may be ready for the real-life exploration of the universal marriage of mankind which already exists as a reality, but which few understand, and which fewer still are willing to acknowledge."

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