Glass Barriers
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Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Episode 5a of the series The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 11 - In the Flow of the Dance

Chapter 11 - In the Flow of the Dance

      By the next morning our dance had widened. It had gradually extended into every place of the apartment; the balcony; the kitchen; to the sink where we had to wash the dishes that hadn't been done the night before; to the counter where we had both been preparing the morning meal. Our dance festival that day took on many dimensions with a spontaneous eruption of movement that is typical in dancing, determined by the flow of the music. This time the music was our own, although there was soft background music on the radio.

      Indira wore her giant yellow silk shirt again and I a similar black one, a Samurai type shirt made in China that I got from a shop on our relaxation street, the famous Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. Indira commented that we, in our contrasting gowns, represent the merging of heaven and earth, adding a new dimension to our private erotic 'dance' festival, which she said with a grin the dancers of Khajuraho probably wouldn't dare come even close to."

      I added that our widened dance also widened the meaning of Helen's concept of the universal kiss.

      "Maybe our widened dance only widens your perception of it," said Indira.

      I nodded. "I can still remember the night when Helen invited me to her home in Leipzig fifteen years ago," said to Indira. "I was so enthralled with her that I wanted to touch her hair. Shyly I asked for permission. She said that I could touch anything I wanted to if I would do so honestly. I didn't know then what she meant with being honest about it. I think I am finally beginning to discover what she might have meant. I said yes that night and touched her right in the kitchen. I touched her hair and other parts of her. But was I honest with myself then? I have puzzled about this for years. I don't think I had been honest. The element of 'dancing' was missing. The joy of celebration was missing. Our meeting hadn't been a merging of heaven and earth, the divine reflected in the human, the merging of a whole range of beauty into movements of joy powered by love. I felt more like a beggar being awed by the banquet table. But I think we are getting to the honesty here that she suggested one must demand."

      I suggested to Indira that the principle of our universal marriage as human beings is the inevitable reflection of the divine Principle that John the Revelator had recognized when he visually the ultimate face of mankind as 'a woman clothed with the sun.' "Isn't that a perfect metaphor for the merging of heaven and earth? Goethe saw his ideal woman as earthy but John saw that same woman the highest image of mankind in an escalating recognition that culminated in his awareness of the ultimate end of all evil. I think we are on the right track. That honesty towards the truth is slowly coming to the foreground. Of course it demands celebration. Being clothed with the sun is a dual metaphor that combines brilliance and celebration. That's the temple equivalent of understanding and acknowledgment."

      I suggested to Indira that we had already recognized to some degree what the Revelator had seen as the human future. "Scientific honesty now demands us to respond to this truth to the greatest extent possible, and so does our honesty with ourselves."

      I pointed out to Indira that since sex is a part of our humanity, it can't be excluded from it. It's a part of the sun that renders us brilliant. It must be uplifted and be acknowledged with such openness that the barriers against the unfolding of our humanity fall away in all other regards as well. I suggested to Indira that we must all respond to what is true as far as we are able to grasp it. I added that we will do so willingly, because we find it already unfolding in our heart in spite of all the barriers that are set up against in the world universal love. I said that we move with this inevitably, because universal love is a natural element of every human being. I suggested that the barriers have no place and no power.

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