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Chapter 9 - Praying in the Wrong Direction

Chapter 9 - Praying in the Wrong Direction

      "You were praying in the wrong direction," said a large man with a full beard who stood on the platform with us, the one surrounding the raised central pool. "You were not facing Mecca. You were facing in the wrong direction."

      "No we were facing in the right direction," I said to him. "We were facing in the right direction for a scientific imperative. And we were not praying. We were celebrating. We were facing in the direction of the tomb and were are celebrating the process of burial."

      The man nodded. "Burial?" he repeated as if this sounded strange. "You were celebrating burial?"

      "We still are. We are celebrating the burial of all that is wrong about religion, especially what is wrong about Christianity. What is wrong is the perversion of it. That's what needs to be buried. And let me tell you, there are a lot of other mistakes that need to be buried."

      "Now that is something that I can understand," said the bearded man. "But what are you burying that warrants a celebration?"

      "We are celebrating the burial of a the false concept of God," said Indira. "We are celebrating the burials of a false concept that has infested every religion on the planet and has been at the root of every religious war. When one finally comes to realized that all that crap is nonsense, one has something to celebrate does one not?"

      She turned to me. "You explain the details."

      "In popular Christianity, foe example," I said to him, "Christ Jesus is seen as the son of God. Some see 'Jesus as God having become a person' or as God incarnate in the flesh. But this is all nonsense. The ancient Hebrews had a much clearer perception of what God essentially is. That was probably misunderstood and a large array of false conclusions were reached that spawned many different religions with a diversity of dogmas and believes that were hijacked by the imperials for stirring up divisions in society and starting wars."

      The man nodded. "The imperials need wars to prevent a spiritual humanist renaissance from sweeping across the world, I know that. We have experienced a lot of that in India. This was probably the reason why the British nearly demolished the Taj Mahal. Some say that the wrecking crew had already been assembled. Others say that they called the project off, because the sale of used marble wouldn't have brought enough of a profit to pay for the demolition cost. So they call the demolition off. I personally think that they relented, because they might have sparked an uprising in India with that would have expelled the colonial imperials right there and then and sent them back to their misty rock in the North Atlantic."

      "That's not the mistake that I am referring to," I interrupted the man. "I don't care about the mistakes primarily. I care about the right concepts that the mistakes deny. Who cares about the night when the sun comes up in the morning? One celebrates the sunshine, not the waning of the night. The shadows of darkness are buried in a flood of light. They become buried and forgotten history. That's the burial that I am celebrating. That's also what the ancient Hebrews had evidently been celebrating. In common usage a calendar month was referred to in the Hebrew tongue as the 'son of a year.' That's how they say saw themselves in their relation ship to God. They saw themselves as the sons of God just as a calendar month is seen as a son of the year. They saw themselves and mankind as a part of the divine Being that includes all life and is reflected in life. That, of course, included everything that comprises our humanity, such as our joy, beauty, sex, love, intellect, industry, creativity, sublimity, and whatever else defines us as spiritual beings. As this concepts unfolds it buries the old erroneous concepts, and the new erroneous concepts as well."

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