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Chapter 5 - The Light of India

Chapter 5 - The Light of India

      Near the end of our day of celebration, after the fancy foods on Chandni Chowk and the dancing followed by a quiet dinner, we let our festival come to a close where it began, on our balcony. We stood at the balcony railing on the 17th floor, above a sea of lights that trailed out into the smog filled distance.

      "Welcome to India," said Indira.

      "Was our festival an introduction?" I asked. "Or was it a promise of things to come? Or was it perhaps..."

      She put her hand over my lips. "What does your heart want it to be?" she asked. You have come to a magical land. What is the magic that you desire?"

      "In this case, my wish would be that the magic never ends," I replied.

      She raised her hand and looked into the sky. "Abra Kadabra," she cried with a loud voice and then turned to me. "Your wish has been fulfilled, Peter."

      "Oh you fiend," I said and began to laugh. "I know what you are saying. You are saying that the real dimension of the universal marriage of mankind in which we are one with one-another is not a closed book but an open door with a threshold to infinity. You are saying that while we have made a profound breakthrough today, in real terms we haven't even begun. This means that we will never see the end of our celebration. The festival has just begun and will always be new."

      "Is my magic so transparent?" she said and began to grin. "Of course I should have known that you know that taking hold of the infinite never ends. It will go on for all times. And that is really the story of India, too. The story of India isn't a story of time, but a story of timeless infinity."

      "What is time anyway?" I answered. "Time is not a factor. It took us close to a dozen years at home to discover the Principle of the Universal Marriage of Mankind in Mary's pedagogical work and develop that idea to the point that we could understand it, while it took you virtually no time at all to latch onto it. The key is the development of the idea. The key is scientific development, not time."

      "History tells us that it takes both," said Indira. "It takes both time and scientific development. It takes time for scientific development to unfold. India is a perfect example. Our history goes back 8,000 years. It is now believed that the cradle of civilization was located in India. The earliest spark of civilization developed in India along the Indus River, predating the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. It is understood that at about 7,000 years ago some 300 advanced settlements had been built in the Indus valley. We are told that many of the great scientific discoveries originated in that region and in that early time. The discovery of the value of zero came from there, and so did the decimal numbering system and the value of pi. Even the famous Pythagorean Theorem originated here in India in that early age. The theorem was supposedly discovered in Greece at around 550-BC. Scholars now belief that the Pythagorean discovery was predated by a few centuries with an identical discovery made in India. We find the early discovery described in the Sanskrit texts of the Baudhayana Shulba Sutra. It appears conclusive that Baudhayana had worked out the equation long before Pytharoras did, or Euclid did. It is possible that the Greek have developed the theorem independently. It could also be that they heard about it from India. My point is that it took a long time for mankind to make these advances, and even a longer time before some of the great discoveries became useful to society. In fact, the Indian discovery of the value of zero did not find widespread acceptance until the 17th Century, 3,000 years after the discovery was made. Of course some of the great spiritual discoveries of India, especially those that draw together the human and the divine, have not found general acceptance in the world to the very day."

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