Glass Barriers
a political, social, and romantic fiction novel 

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Episode 5a of the series The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 1 - Embracing Untouchable Indira

Chapter 1 - Embracing Untouchable Indira

      I never saw Indira's face before, not even in my dreams, or imagined that someone like her could exist and that a smile could be so warm and a touch so enriching that it brings a new light into ones life. They say that a smile is just a smile. I believed that. I disagree now. When it unfolds from the riches of a beautiful soul, unpretentious, honest, and with the courage to love without boundaries, it has the power to change not only a person's life, but also the world to some degree by the power of that love.

      Meeting Indira did more than that. It opened up a new epoch for us all, a kind of paradigm shift towards a renaissance in being alive. We had all been hoping for a paradigm shift that would take us out of our rut. To a faint degree we had already begun to experience a renewal of our earlier exuberance, even a shift towards embracing a freer concept of love. We had all seen a tiny spark of a spiritual renaissance unfolding on our home turf, stirring us gently out of our isolated existence that seemed like poverty all of a sudden. We all wanted to get away from that. Still, we were too afraid to open the door again to the wider world of freer loving that we had once tasted with joy and awe, but had made no effort to maintain so that it closed again. In this context Indira affected us all. We her came a fresh wind. The effect was not planned, of course. A 'miracle' can't be planned. It couldn't have been planned. One can't plan for something that still resides in the unknown. In fact, I had almost rejected Fred's invitation to meet Indira.

      I probably would have rejected Fred's offer to a go to India to interface with Indira on the down-to-earth level in order to explore with her a theoretical aspect of a profound principle that seemed unworkable in the real world and rather un-business-like for Fred requesting me to become involved with. If Fred had not been insistent in his unique and loving kind of way, I would have turned him down out of hand. Sure, as my boss he could have ordered me to hop onto the next plane and fly to New Delhi and meet her there for any reason he might have chosen. Except, this wasn't Fred's way, especially when the stakes were high on the diplomatic front. There were times when he moved with the promise of only a glimmer of an idea when the promise was wide enough to uplift the whole of mankind to some degree, provided that it was carried through to the end. Except this didn't seem to be one of those times as far as I could tell. I realized later that Fred had actually an even greater challenge in mind than any he had ever put before me, with a greater expectation than what any boss could order a person to fulfill as a professional task.

      When I sensed that something of this nature was in the air, the very thought of it made it scary to comply. It wasn't a request then, from a boss, but a challenge from a friend who also had the resources of the boss, a friend who was willing to go out on a limb for me to give me the opportunity to test the waters. His challenge involved the realization of a principle that was still new to us all, but which Ross and I had bragged about. Of course, between bragging and doing, one often finds a deep canyon that is hard to cross.

      The principle came to light with a profound discovery that Ross had made a short time earlier by exploring the works of a scientific pioneer, a woman, whose work took us a hundred years back in time where it opened up a portal to a future that seemed immensely bright, but as distant as the moon. Theoretically the portal seemed attainable as a matter of principle. Fred's challenge, however, demanded more. Fred demanded the actual realization of what seemed theoretically attainable as a distant possibility. His challenge came like a shock.

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