Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - 2011 Edition
Episode 2b of the series The Lodging for the Rose

Chapter Index

Foreword to Episode 2B of The Lodging for the Rose


Part 1 - Holiday in the Sun

Chapter 1 - Gentle Winds

Chapter 2 - Writing a New Ending

Chapter 3 - Invalidating False History

Chapter 4 - Children of Our Humanity


Part 2 - Lightning in Paradise

Chapter 5 - Thunderstorms

Chapter 6 - Goya

Chapter 7 - The Three Thousand Years War

Chapter 8 - A Phoenix Rising


Part 3 - Renewal of Affection

Chapter 9 - Peace and Joy and Power

Chapter 10 - Reflections at the Reflecting Pool

Chapter 11 - In the Shadow of Lincoln

Chapter 12 - Afterglow

Part 4 - Morning Light

Chapter 13 - Shared Roses

Chapter 14 - Rotundity

Chapter 15 - Sunshine Rising

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