Discovering Love

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Episode 1 of the series The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 12 - In the Brilliance of a Night

Chapter 12 - In the Brilliance of a Night

      At two o'clock that night the conversation had ground to a halt. I could hear the water dripping in the kitchen. By then I had fallen more deeply in love with Ushi than I thought possible. Certainly, a blind man would have noticed. No doubt, it hadn't escaped Steve's sensitive perception, but he didn't react to it. I looked at him from time to time. He had yawned once or twice. The last of these was followed by silence, after which he suggested that we should have coffee and cake before retiring.

      Time to go, I thought. I went to the window to sniff the night breeze that swept over the park. The drive to the motel would be pleasant in the cool of the night. Steve joined me at the window, but before I could say anything about going back to the motel, he called to Ushi who had gone into the kitchen. He told her that he was going to sleep outside on the balcony. "This means that you can invite Peter to spend the night here," he added, "and share the bed with you, if you would like to."

      Steve spoke about this as though he was talking about the weather.

      I stared at him with my mouth open. Ushi had given me a tour of the apartment earlier. The bedroom contained a single queen-size bed. I stared at Steve. I couldn't believe what I heard. He appeared calm, leaning out of the window again in the faded Hawaiian T-shirt that he had put on after work. If he had worn a gray sweater, smoked a pipe, and had looked the image of a professor lost in a world of exotic theories, I might have been able to understand the offer. But Steve wasn't absent minded, or exotic. He was an ordinary man, except he was more alert and down to Earth than anyone I knew.

      "I would love that," Ushi called back from the kitchen.

      He turned to me. "Is that OK with you dear friend?"

      I still couldn't answer, except to stare at him and nod. How was this offer possible? He had opened the door to a great incredible good and had reached out his hands to me with an invitation to embrace it. What a man would do this? I nodded again, almost in disbelief.

      "Well, that's settled," he said.

      I didn't know what to answer. This shouldn't have been possible.

      Steve remained with me at the window. Moments later he continued our earlier high level exploration as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He looked at me and began to smile. "There is something that Ushi said that you have missed, Peter," he said. "I had asked her how we can determine that we have entered a New World, and Ushi had answered me that the proof unfolds when the Old World is conspicuously absent. But how can we recognize this, Peter? What would the Old World look like at the leading edge? People have struggled with this question for a long time already. They wrote songs about it and operas, and great novels. But how far did they reach? It appears that the highest concept of social freedom that society has come up with so far, is free love and free sex. However, these concepts come with the Old World attached to them. Free love appears to be a rebellion against the vertical form of love. In real terms it is but another feature of the imperial vertical model. Society may have changed the form of its relationship to one-another by rallying around free love, but it hasn't stepped away from the imperial vertical model. The imperial vertical model gets dragged along. Free love solves one problem while it creates s lot of others along the line, of the same old flavor. Free love is like trading in one feature of the imperial vertical model, for another feature of the same model. It almost has to be that way, because the imperial vertical model is the only model that people know. In time they find out that the new feature comes with all the problems attached that are the hallmark of the imperial vertical model."

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