Discovering Love

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Episode 1 of the series The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 11 - An Invitation to Heaven

Chapter 11 - An Invitation to Heaven

      Ursula suggested that we sit in on Steve's lecture, something related to quantum theory that I knew nothing about. Of course, I could learn, but that wasn't the point. The point was to be there, to speak to Steve once more and to make an impression that would open the door so that we could meet again.

      Of course his lecture went way over my head. Integral calculus was like a foreign language to me. There was a lot of it interwoven into his lecture.

      Steve seemed pleased to find us attending. He came up to us afterwards, to the last row where were seated. He seemed happy to see us together. He greeted Ushi with a kiss, even though she still hugged me close to her. He reached his hand out to me for a handshake. "Would you like to have supper with us?" he asked.

      I was surprised at Steve's reaction. "Please take Ushi home, and stay and have supper with us," he said. "We would be honored by your presence."

      Before I could answer, one of the students had taken him by the shoulder and commandeered his attention. He disappeared with the student towards the blackboard. "Seven-thirty, tonight," he called back.

      I was stunned. Something big had been set into motion, which I didn't fully understand, but I did understand Ushi's arm that was holding me tight. I remembered my own words from the cafe, "...something real, something that envelops us in love." This love surrounded us, and united us.

      "Seven-thirty," Ushi replied to him in confirmation.

      Now I was faced with the task of drawing the pieces together. How did they match? How could I correlate his response with my attraction to Ushi and her deeply honest response that could not have gone unnoticed by Steve? Maybe it was her love that was the moving power of the moment?

      Eventually I gave up puzzling this out. I had never been good in drawing ambiguities into one. I simply took Ushi by the arm and invited her to show me some of the sights of the old university.

      Still, Steve's generous invitation puzzled me.

      Ushi said not to worry, "he overpowers everyone until they get to know him." She paused, then continued, "I am ashamed, though, that I didn't invite you first."

      "I never expected you to," I replied, "but let's not have any political talk tonight. If I start, shut me off."

      She squeezed my hand.

      In this manner, hand in hand, we strolled through the old campus. There were only a few students visible now. She was a delightful guide. Also, she showed me one of the old buildings that finally, fully met my expectations, as if she could read in my face that this kind of history interested me. It wasn't exactly the kind of large granite building that I had imagined I would see. It was something in the style of an old castle, like a fortress. It took some effort to open the heavy door carved with a crest of lions on each panel. The halls and rooms were sheathed in dark wood. Creaky stairs led to a large upper room that occupied the entire floor. It was dimly lit, with an odor of stale wood-polish in the air, mixed with the smell of dust and old leather.

      I sat in a hard leather-covered chair at the head of the large table that dominated the middle of the room, then leaned leisurely against the high back. With my arms crossed. I imagined myself transposed into the age of King Arthur's court, an age renowned for its own renaissance, one of a few spots of hope in mankind's long night.

      I drove Ushi home as Steve had suggested, with a stop for groceries on the way. The question that I had asked myself on the beach came to mind again. Was she just as beautiful with her clothes on? I embraced this thought as a welcome relief from the tensions that are invariably associated with political discussions. The answer was spontaneous. YES, she was just as beautiful with her clothes on, perhaps even more so. The type of clothing one wears reflects an element from deep within, and what I saw was beautiful. She seemed beautiful to me in any situation. Even choosing cabbage with her was beautiful and exciting, as if there were a connection between her, the Earth, and things Earthy. I kissed her right there in the grocery store. The proprietor saw it, smiled, and looked away.

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