Discovering Love

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Episode 1 of the series The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - How Does a Gardener Love a Rose?

Chapter 10 - How Does a Gardener Love a Rose?


      Ursula shook her head after Steve was gone. Her face was tense.

      "Let's have a coffee, Ushi," I suggested. I used the name, Ushi, with some hesitation. I liked the way Steve addressed her. The short form didn't belittle her, but gave the impression that she was exceedingly precious to him. I dared to address her the same way. "I'm inviting you," I added. "You may choose any place you wish, Ushi. I'll take you there."

      Rather than protesting against me using her intimate name, her face lit up. "I know a perfectly romantic spot that's not far from here," she replied with a sudden grin. "We can walk there, would that be suitable?"

      "That sound's delightful," I said. Her agreement promised something exciting.

      Minutes later she had Steve's office locked up and we were on our way.

      The cafe that she had in mind wasn't on campus, but not far from it. The building looked old and shabby, evidently from years of neglect, but inside a different world unfolded. The atmosphere was lively, filled with the laughter of students. In the middle of the room a young man was playing the accordion. We were shown to a small table, tucked away in a corner. The table was lit by a candle and was graced with a green leafy plant with pink flowers that grew in a ceramic pot. The coffee came quickly, and with it, a small bun with butter and jam. The coffee was fake of course, roasted barley perhaps, but who cared?

      Ursula enjoyed herself in this lively cafe. Evidently, this was her kind of atmosphere, a carefree world of optimism and friendship. She smiled at the people and at me, and listened to the music for a while. Her faintly 'red' hair made her stand out from the decor. A light shining from a lantern behind her made her hair look more brilliant around the edges where the red hue was more visible now. It shone like the halo of an angel. I told her about it, and said that it was justly so.

      She didn't reply. Some minutes later she sat up and leaned across the table and asked how I thought it was possible for one person to change the world.

      "By being an angel, Ushi," I answered immediately. That kind of question didn't fit this place and this time. Or did it?

      "We can change the world by leading it beyond itself," I answered, "by being honest with ourselves about the reality we face, and by being responsible towards each other. We must enrich each other's existence, as we do now, and do this on a global scale. We must develop each other's potential to live a richer life with more vitality and power. Humanity is so rich in itself. All we need to do is find a way to start this thing that enables our self-development to really take off, and everyone else's too."

      I said she should consider the two of us for an example. "Something has been started today. We have made a small change in the world, at least towards each other." Here, I hesitated and blushed. "The fact is, I am in love with you, and have been from the moment we met." I paused, but then continued, boldly, "I find you beautiful, extremely attractive, highly intelligent, caring and gentle, and so full of life. Should I not acknowledge this recognition to you, and honor you by it? Of course I could deny all these feelings, like a good husband should, and blot them from my thoughts. However, everything that I feel for you is real. I must acknowledge this reality. In fact I can't avoid it. I can't avoid the resulting joy. I think this honors you more than if I were to hide my love for you, or were to deny it altogether. Am I right? Maybe this should become a universal pattern. Wouldn't this help us as a society to become more human again?"

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