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Chapter 7 - The Ogarkov Plan

Chapter 7 - The Ogarkov Plan

      For the lack of anything better to do, I resumed my assigned duty at the beach, looking for Ursula Fleischer. As it was, I hadn't been at the beach for long when I fell asleep.

      I was awakened out of a deep sleep by a group of men talking nearby. At first I thought I was dreaming. I heard them discussing Marshall Ogarkov's plan for waging and winning a nuclear war against Western Europe. What a terrible thing to wake up to. I had been briefed about the Ogarkov Plan. The little that I knew was classified information that I barely qualified to have access to, but here on the beach, it was talked about right in the open. This was supposed to be the darkest secret of the Cold War; Marshal Ogarkov's war plan based on the long-standing principles of Soviet strategic doctrine.

      The men's' conversation confirmed everything that I knew about it; that the Ogarkov Plan called for a nuclear blitz that would tie down and destroy all the American strategic forces in Europe in one single strike. This is something that I had never really accepted at face value as it assumed the US wouldn't retaliate, or retaliate just slightly over those 'minimal' losses in Europe. One of the men said that the nuclear winter theory had been disproved by extensive research in wave action phenomena, and that the ozone depletion scare had been disproved, likewise, which he said made a winning nuclear war scenario a "reasonable proposition."

      The men were talking to one-another in English. It appeared that they felt rather secure in their imagined privacy since they were by no means whispering.

      I had been sleeping in the grass not far from them. Now I was spying on them as Leroy might have. What came out of it turned this evening at the beach into one of the most interesting and frightening hours I had spent there. They were talking about things that I had heard about as theories, hushed up under a blanket of secrecy, under the code name of the "Ogarkov Plan." Those theories have had little meaning to me. I had dismissed them as just a bunch of hypothetical speculation. This changed when these men boasted about the far-reaching nature of those theories, which they said had already become policy. Obviously the policies had already been far advanced so that they dared to discuss them openly. For me, these officially guarded secrets were pulled out of the closet and put into the real life perspective that became a horror show unfolding in my mind.

      It wasn't that I was scared to be caught eavesdropping. Their talk was scary. The men talked confidently. They spoke as though the Soviet Union was already at war with the US, backed up by a far reaching network of 'friends' who had infiltrated not only key military institutions of the West, but also the State Department, the White House, and top positions in the world-financial system.

      "Do you remember the Bay of Pigs affair?" said one of the men. "The Americans had hatched a plan to attack and sink one of their own Navy ships to create a pretext for starting a war with Cuba. Kennedy stopped that, but we might rekindle that idea and get them to fire the opening shot for a nuclear war as a kind of terrorist act against themselves. It would open the door to a crisis in which we would have the upper hand. If we can convince them that they can gain politically from that kind of insanity, meaning financially, reports say that the Americans can be induced to do this to themselves." The man began to laugh.

      The other man burst into laughter moments later.

      "Didn't we convince them already to railroad their most advanced strategist into jail on our behalf?" the first man defended his earlier comment and laughed some more as if this was the biggest joke of the day.

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