novels about moral freedom
 and universal love
 by Rolf Witzsche


As human beings we have learned to cross the vast distances of space. We have moved light years ahead in technological development by which we are able to stand on the moon and explore the universe from it, while we still fond ourselves largely unable to cross the narrow spaces that isolate us from one another as human beings. We speak of love, but when the bonds of love challenge our age old axioms about marriage, sex, sexuality, and so forth, we become impotent, especially when it comes to the challenge of allowing such bonds to unfold on the platform of universal principles. 

Sure, we have made some headway during the last 3,000 years. We no longer impose the death penalty upon those who challenge the ancient axioms. We merely ruin each other's life emotionally and economically, while the old axioms continue to rule unchallenged.

Civilly, we have taken a few steps ahead by extending certain rights to women which they did not have for a long time, but this is all that we have achieved. We have not stopped the isolation that divides the sexes into the two giant camps by which countless ancient issues become important that should have been long overcome. We toy with trivial issues instead, and become emotional about them, without ever attempting to address the fundamental issues that endanger our very existence in the modern nuclear armed world. 

The division and isolation that we practice socially with such devotion that they strangle our lives in so many respects, are of course reflected in the political world. Except, in this larger arena we run into deeper problems. We may be able to suffer the consequences of our failures in the social arena. We can endure the worst emotional agonies there, if we have to, and the most terrible strife, and the most agonizing deprivations, without any major global consequences. The same can't be said about our politically isolated and divided world that is rife with nuclear weapons and is threatened by an ever growing willingness by the rulers of the world to use them.

Since the political sphere largely reflects our social sphere, our only recourse to assure our survival is to deal with the paradoxes that we find in the social sphere. We must do this in order to build a foundation there, that can be reflected in corresponding political solutions. The social domain is our primary domain. Unfortunately, the divisions and isolation that we practice in this domain go extremely deep, far deeper than what appears on the surface. We speak of love, but even while we say the words we set up barriers against the very substance of it.

Shouldn't love mean that we enrich one another's existence? This sounds like something simple, something rational that any child should be able to comprehend. In the real world, however, this rationality is vastly distant from what we aim for.

Nevertheless one can see a reason for hope on the horizon. It seems that we have all the intelligence and the courage needed to deal with the axioms that have remained virtually unchanged since ancient times. No miracles are needed for us to resolve at least some of the paradoxes that should have been dealt with a long time ago. Nothing more than a willingness is needed, some scientific exploration, and a great deal of honesty with oneself.

The rewards, or course, promise to be exciting, far reaching, and life-giving. One would expect this, since a correction of those failures that have made us impotent for millennia, is bound to have tremendously liberating effects, socially, politically, and economically. But if this is so, why shouldn't we go the whole way and build ourselves a completely new world? The point is, that we may never succeed with anything along this line if we don't aim tall enough and go for the gold, because that is where the universal principles of civilization lead us, reflecting the substance of universal truths.

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